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WELCOME!! I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you come by often! This is a space for all the black girl magic, goofiness, love, appreciation, and reassurance that you can handle.

Hi, I’m Ronnie! I’m a sahm of 4 children, an entrepreneur, Life coach, comedienne, handy lady *deep breath* and I’m a mess!I started this blog as a release of my thoughts and stress, But then I realized that in my own personal life, I literally help and reach others, so why not make this for the mass?! I am by no means perfect, but I have a bit of intuition, read people and situations well, and logic and common sense come in handy too. I have learned to learn from ANYTHING, even other peoples’ situations and I feel I’m able to generalize and put things into perspective for anyone. However, this blog page is dedicated to my target audience, Black Women. Being one myself, my eyes and mind have been opened to the plights and oppressions of this society and the world as a black woman, so my aim is to reach, teach and inspire black women to Love Yo’ Brown Self!

“Don’t stop! Get it, get it!”

African proverb

About Us

Loveyobrownself is a personal blog, as well as a pro-black, networking, resource alternative. For collaboration efforts, advertising, sponsorship or suggestions, please email: LYBSBus @gmail.com