Set The tone!

Good evening Ladies ( and gentlemen) and welcome to SET THE TONE!! The game show where u decide how your life goes by categorizing your friends! Today we have various categories already labeled, but feel free to alter the titles based on your situation! Ok, here we go!

First thing to be remembered is that you have strangers, associates, acquaintance, friends, best friends, and family. Alright! Now lets get them in their places!!

First you have people that you don’t know or don’t know very well at all. Guess what?! They matter the least! So they go at the very bottom.

Then you have your associates. These are people that you know, they cool and all, but you not about to spill all ya life secrets and what not. Maybe they’re a coworker, that same person you see on the bus, morning run, store, fellow parent or whatever. They might clearly be for networking, not for soul bearing. They’re probably good for a tip or something. Do not put your heart and soul in these temporary people.

Acquaintances. These are the people that either stay where they are or they get promoted to being your friend, I mean really on the team! You’re well acquainted enough to trust them in, maybe social settings, but not enough to hold money for you. (Although most people in general won’t, lol)

Then you have you FRIENDS. Like your day ones, your aces,  got your back you can tell them anything, Your besties, your day ones, your aces. You can  borrow money and go on trips, swap kids, stay with each other, families get along well, etc.

NOW. One thing to remember is this; you can demote and promote friends in your head based on performance or where your relationship is. “THAT IS WRONG AND RUDE!” You say. No its not. You have the right to govern yourself and your feelings. If noone evaluates you who will? Also communicate with your friends. that way everyone is on the same page. Real friends keep abreast of their friendship anyway. No surprises of character change.


Maintaining healthy relationships is vital to your life, your village. Everyone needs an outlet, at least ONE human to connect with, outside of family. It helps you grow with healthy influences surrounding you. Be what you want around you. Love yo brown self. You deserve it.

Published by Hydroponica

Im a care free, introverted, impulsive, food lovin, munchy havin', optimistic curvy thirty something who loves her kids, and the people in her circle. I love giving advice and passing along what I learn. I want to live life doing what I love, being a secret rebel, while dismissing uncultivated goofballs! Talk to ya soon!

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