Let’s Get you straight sista

I See a lot of women out here in competition with each other, (even whether another knows),  with jobs, money, being married, kids, who’s prettier, more’ independent’, etc.

Worrying about what you have or have not accomplished by a certain age, by a certain kid, please certain people.

Well I’m here to get you straight, sista. You don’t have to do a DAMN thing! Because guess what: The only person you hurt, is you ( and maybe your kids depending on what you do and choices you make).

The ONly person you should compete with is YOURSELF! To make YOU better, and let that example flow through to your kids and anyone else who is a witness to what has made your character stronger. Because that’s what you’re doing; BUILDING A BETTER YOU. If you don’t like your weight, then lose it. But lose it because YOU WANT TO not because your 6 keg gut husband wants to have an opinion based on his Instagram following, or your skinny friend makes you feel like shit; when in fact she’s really jealous of you, but because your esteem is so low, you cant even see it.

If you want to cut or grow your hair, relax or go back natural, do it because you want something new or different, not because someone else thinks you look better to THEM. That never goes well.

Change you job, change your parenting, be single, move, new hobby, new parenting style, won’t take certain abuse, don’t want to deal with certain family members, WHATEVER it is, MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER.

Published by Hydroponica

Im a care free, introverted, impulsive, food lovin, munchy havin', optimistic curvy thirty something who loves her kids, and the people in her circle. I love giving advice and passing along what I learn. I want to live life doing what I love, being a secret rebel, while dismissing uncultivated goofballs! Talk to ya soon!

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