*Lunch pep talk*

Hey Girl!

Look I know you been dealing with things, in your feelings, running amok internally and probably literally. Take some time out to assess yourself to reconfigure.

A little… Self care. It comes in many forms; not just getting your hair done or taking a nap.

Self-care sometimes means wallowing in what it is that you’re dealing with; frustration, acceptance of the situation and Circumstance and just dealing with it. Self-care sometimes means acting out, getting all your frustrations out cuz you get tired of holding it inside sometimes; nobody should have to do that just because society says they need to have control of their emotions. I, myself, am dealing with my own crap and I feel like shit; part of me blames myself, part of me blames the other person, but guess what I’m going to deal with it I’m going to go through the motions and I’m going to process it and I’m going to be okay. I’m okay with processing my life. Who says that I have to have a time frame or specific method of dealing with how I feel; whatever is going on, that makes a person made to feel as if they’re obligated to put on the facade for somebody else’s preferred aesthetics. Screw that. Do what you have to do for you to get through; because we all heal differently, we all process, we all have different perspectives and it’s okay if we backslide, because we’re human.

Just keep moving! Love you, boo!

Published by Hydroponica

Im a care free, introverted, impulsive, food lovin, munchy havin', optimistic curvy thirty something who loves her kids, and the people in her circle. I love giving advice and passing along what I learn. I want to live life doing what I love, being a secret rebel, while dismissing uncultivated goofballs! Talk to ya soon!

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