Take care of you!

2020 has been one hell of a year! I’m sure all of us have felt our different pressures, triumphs and everything else in between. I hope you all have been well. Continue to push forward with your dreams and endeavors, and don’t beat yourself up about anything. I’m talking to myself as well! I’ve had different highs and lows, but through it all, we must remember to take care of ourselves because we have to continue pushing on to the next day. We owe growing to ourselves first, then your kids, if you have any. That’s it. You dont owe anybody else.

Whatever self care is to you, do it. It can be getting your nails done, a whole spa treatment if you want. Or maybe going to the gun range. Feeding homeless, cleaning; your mess or someone else’s, do what clears your mind. Dwelling on so much at one time can be stressful, and daunting; on top of just existing as a black woman in America. And I personally am an empath, still doing personal mental and emotional work to undo years of damage and stacked on traumas. That’s self care to the highest! ( I’m doing fine, btw 😉)

Remember to take a break from social media. Make yourself busy with things you have neglected. For me, it’s my site. I keep things in my head, ADHD kicks in, anxiety stifles you, and it’s a cycle. But I’m breaking out. Having animals help. Tending to that talent you know you have but neglected. If your mind is pushing you to something you keep putting off, GO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

Remember to mask up, covid has gone nowhereeee!!! Stay safe in these streets from .. well everything. Focus on you and your house. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. Be ok with losing people as well. It’s a hard journey sometimes. But personal health is a must. Why spend your only life thinking of others ‘impending’ judgment? They’re probably hating or not thinking about you anyway. Toxicity will always rear its head; You’ll know what to do.. listen to your body, and also make sure it’s not you. Humble has many forms.

Claim your peace for the rest of 2020, and fear up for 2021! Continue to heal and gear up for your next level of greatness!!

Published by Hydroponica

Im a care free, introverted, impulsive, food lovin, munchy havin', optimistic curvy thirty something who loves her kids, and the people in her circle. I love giving advice and passing along what I learn. I want to live life doing what I love, being a secret rebel, while dismissing uncultivated goofballs! Talk to ya soon!

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